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Residential Services

Private Residence
Jetty and Seawall Repairs ~ 
Rowayton, CT

Professional Services Provided:

  • Site Investigations

  • Design Drawings

  • Regulatory permit applications for State and Federal permits

  • Preparation of Construction Documents

  • Construction Administrative Services

private residence seawall jetty repair

Private Residence


A residential property located on the Rowayton, Connecticut waterfront was in need of repairs to an armored stone jetty that protects the dwelling and replacement of the seawall that protects the only access to and from the property. Additionally, the existing conditions of the access road allowed nuisance flooding to occur during extreme tides and coastal flooding events. RACE’s approach was to determine the extent of the damage to the jetty and develop a repair design, and to develop a design for a replacement seawall. The repair design for the jetty included strengthening the damaged areas prior to replacing the armor stone. The seawall replacement required significant excavation work, shoring, demolition of the existing wall, and installation of a new foundation. The new wall was finished with form liners to provide a maintenance-free stone wall look. The access road and drainage modified to improve performance during coastal flooding events. RACE prepared state and local regulatory permit applications for the design, prepared Construction Drawings, and provided construction review services. 


Rowayton, CT


Private Residence

Private residence Jetty and Seawall in Rowayton Connecticut
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