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Construction Related Services

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Construction Related Services

RACE's coastal and waterfront engineering expertise is founded upon the solid experience gained in professional oversight and hands-on construction activities.  This experience has included all elements of engineering services during construction on a broad range of construction types including: dredging and construction of dredged material containment facilities; bulkheads, seawalls, and revetment structures; timber, stone, steel, and concrete piers; and coastal structure foundations. 


RACE has the knowledge and experience to assure the timely and cost effective completion of your project.  We work intimately with Clients on all phases of Construction Related Services, on a full or part-time basis as needed.


Our experience and expertise has included:​

  • Preparation of Bid Documents

  • Preparation of Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC)

  • Resident Engineer and Owner's Representative

  • Pre-Construction Condition Surveys

  • Review of Change Order Requests and Payment Requisitions

  • Post-Construction Surveys

  • Design Revisions Based Upon Changed Conditions

  • Preparation of Record Drawings

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