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Port Facilities 

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Our Port Facilities expertise and services:

  • Wharves, Docks & Jetties

  • Facility Assessments

  • Dredging & Navigation Improvements

  • Hydrographic Surveys & Sediment Sampling

  • Travel Lifts/Marine Railways

  • Transportation/Ferry Terminals

  • Oil/Petrochemical Terminals

  • Mooring Analysis & Design (Optimoor)

  • Coastal Modeling & Flood Risk Assessment

  • Fender Design

  • Bulkheads/Quay Walls

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Mooring/Berthing Dolphins

  • Structural Engineering

  • Regulatory Permitting

  • Intake Structures

  • Underwater/Diving Inspection

Large Vessel Port Facility Design Solutions
RACE Coastal ISNetworld Logo
RACE Coastal ISNetworld Logo

Deep-water marine ports are the backbone of shipping, manufacturing and processing industries – vital shoreline facilities that require reliable infrastructure for safe and accessible operations. Our experienced civil engineers are uniquely qualified to address the complex needs of marine port facilities, developing robust, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for wharves, piers, bulkheads and mooring structures and other assets – all with minimal disruption to normal operating conditions. Our regulatory expertise and knowledge of geotechnical and structural engineering helps ensure that high-demand marine ports remain viable destinations for large vessel traffic both now and in the future.

Seamless Design Solutions to Ensure Availability, Uptime and Revenue for Large Vessel Port Facilities

Almost 90% of all globally traded goods are transported by water which makes port facilities critical not only to shipping, oil transport and wind farming, but also to commercial fishing, ship building and repair, and ferry/transportation industries. All of which rely on a stable, reliable and resilient coastal infrastructure.


We assess, analyze and design complex port infrastructures, including wharves, piers, mooring structures, bulkheads, and other port facility set-ups with minimal down time.


Our Clients Include:

Oil/Petrochemical Terminal • Dry Bulk/Container Terminals
Electric Power Generation • Transportation/Ferry Terminals 

Ship Building/Repair Facilities • Educational Facilities
Wastewater/Sewerage Facilities • Commercial Facilities 


With headquarters in Stratford, CT, our team of experienced engineers are optimally located to address the needs of the numerous deep-water marine ports spanning the coastline from Philadelphia, PA to Portsmouth, NH, including: Port of Philadelphia, New York Harbor, Bridgeport Harbor, New Haven Harbor, New London Harbor, Port of Providence, New Bedford Harbor, Boston Harbor, and Portsmouth Harbor.

For complete information about our Port Facility Services, download our Port Facilities Data Sheet or contact us at 203-377-0663.

RACE Coastal Deep Water Port Facility
RACE Coastal Marine Terminals Port Facility
RACE Coastal Optimoor Technical Solutions

"At Phillips 66, we live by our values of Safety, Honor, & Commitment. In doing so, we rely on companies that we team with to also hold these values. Over the past eight years, RACE has provided Phillips 66 with the highest standard of engineering expertise for our port facilities while keeping these values. RACE continues to develop technical solutions for our marine terminals to maintain safe and effective operations. This alignment between RACE and Phillips 66 has resulted in successful projects that meet the Phillips 66 vision of Providing Energy and Improving Lives." 

– David F. Bevill, Director of Projects, Phillips 66

SPOTLIGHT: Steelpointe, Bridgeport, CT

RACE has provided ongoing waterfront engineering services to Steelpointe Harbor developers as they revitalize Bridgeport Harbor into an active, 52-acre mixed use waterfront development. RACE’s services:

• Addressed abandoned remnant industrial era waterfront structures

• Designed, permitted and constructed a 1570LF steel bulkhead 

• Prepared landfill and wetlands for resiliency and sustainability

• Designed the shipyard’s new lift well for a 700-ton travel lift

"RACE has been an important resource to us in the waterfront redevelopment of Bridgeport Harbor through our  collaboration on the Steelpointe Harbor project. They have provided consulting services for us through the whole project lifecycle including concept development, regulatory review, detailed design and construction administration.  The RACE Team has shown, time and again through our numerous projects together, their ability to think creatively while using waterfront and coastal engineering knowledge to develop solutions to our project challenges.” 

- Mark Summers, VP Development, BLD Steelpointe

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