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RACE Coastal Engineering delivers an unmatched commitment to, and expertise in, optimizing long-term coastal resiliency

Piers | Docks & Pilings | Boat Lifts | Beach Access Structures | Bulkheads | Seawalls | Revetments | Wave Breakers

Depend on Our Team to Provide Custom End-to-End Solutions for Any Sized Waterfront Project

"Our relationship with RACE has spanned the past 20 years and included projects of critical importance to our members.
...RACE has proven to provide valuable expertise and responsiveness for our marine projects and is a true partner with RYC in the management of our waterfront."

Gary B. Ashley, General Manager, Riverside Yacht Club

Residential Civil Engineering


Enhancing the enjoyment of waterfront living for shoreline homeowners.

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Marinas and Yacht Clubs


Developing long-term partnerships with owners and members for optimum outcomes.

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Commercial Civil Engineering


Protecting the interests of business owners and the continuity of shoreline facilities.

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Municipality Civil Engineering


Meeting the needs of public sector stakeholders with quality and cost control in mind.

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Port Facility Civil Engineering


Ensuring availability, uptime and revenue for large vessel port facilities.


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