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Hydrographic Surveys


Hydrographic Surveys

RACE provides specialized hydrographic surveying and sampling services as a complement to our design engineering core services. In addition to dredging projects, hydrographic surveys are routinely needed for waterfront structure inventories and mapping, beach nourishment and shoreline monitoring, marina and mooring field planning, inlet and navigation channel shoaling and sediment transport studies. RACE provides a one-stop for data collection, processing and related engineering services.


RACE maintains multiple survey vessels including the Betty Zane, a 23’ Steiger Craft Chesapeake and Mudflat inflatables with custom instrument enclosure, each of which carry the latest latest in in depth recording and positioning technology. RACE utilizes HYPACK® software for project planning and navigation, depth and position measurement and data collection, post- processing and dredge volume computations. This software package is the standard of the industry, recognized by designer professionals and dredging contractors for reliability and accuracy.


Our professional staff includes an ACSM Certified Hydrographer as well as USCG Licensed Captains to complement our professional engineers and assure professional and highly experienced on-water operations.

Specific services include:​

  • Hydrographic Surveys 

  • Sidescan Sonar Surveys

  • Volume Computations for Design, Estimates, and Payment

  • Sediment Core Sampling

  • Pre & Post Dredge Condition Surveys

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