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Waterfront Structures

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Waterfront Structures

RACE has extensive experience in the inspection, analysis and design of waterfront structures including rehabilitation of existing structures and new structures. RACE combines coastal, geotechnical and structural expertise to design structures of all types and sizes from small residential piers and seawalls to large industrial terminal wharfs and mooring structures. Our holistic approach to the project includes our regulatory and construction phase specialists so that projects are designed to be practical, permittible and constructible. RACE’s waterfront structural engineering experience includes all phases of design from early planning to final drawings and technical specifications for construction.

Our projects include:​

  • Piers and Docks

  • Bulkheads, Seawalls and Revetment Structures

  • Wave Attenuators, Breakwaters and Jetties

  • Port Facilities, Bulk Unloading Terminals and Offshore Structures

  • Vessel Mooring Systems

  • Fender Systems for Docks and Bridge Piers

  • FEMA Compliant Structural Design of Buildings in the Coastal Area

  • Evaluation of Timber, Steel, and Concrete Structures

  • Design of Piles, Caissons, Drilled Shafts, Soil and Rock Anchor Systems

  • Development of Load Criteria for Coastal Structures: Wind, Flood, Snow, and Seismic

  • Design of Bridges and Other Structures Subject to Vehicles

  • Forensic Investigation of Structural Failures

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