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Steve Sternberg, P.E. Speaks at
2024 Coastal Geotechnics & Resilience Seminar

At the Connecticut Valley Chapter of the ASCE Geo-Institute’s 2024 Coastal Geotechnics & Resilience Seminar, RACE Project Manager & Partner Steve Sternberg, P.E., had the opportunity to discuss key coastal engineering concepts and their significance in the design of resilient waterfront structures.


Some of the key points Steve emphasized were how tides and storm surge, wave modelling, sea level rise predictions, and sediment transport, including erosion and scour, will be driving design parameters when building along the coastline.  The design of coastal infrastructure starts with a proper foundation, developed from a thorough understanding of the environmental conditions which may be present in the coastal zone; these may include challenging subsurface conditions, wave exposures and nearshore characteristics, and present and future water levels.


“This conference provided a great opportunity to meet with engineers, contractors, planners, and industry colleagues that work in the highly dynamic coastal zone to discuss the state of the practice, these important design considerations, and recent challenges in constructing shoreline infrastructure and developments,” commented Steve. 

Posted May 1, 2024

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