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Port Facilities Services

Phillips 66 Tremley Terminal
Terminal Restoration ~ Linden, NJ

Professional Services Provided:

  • Above and underwater investigations

  • Geotechnical investigations

  • Hydrographic Survey

  • Engineered design of new steel sheet pile bulkhead, crane foundation and appurtenant structures

  • Assistance with regulatory permits

  • Preparation of Opinion of Probable Costs

  • Preparation of Contract Documents that include structural design of replacement bulkhead, steel oversheeting, concrete bulkhead, and platform repairs

  • Construction Administration Services 

Tremley pier 66 Renovation

Phillips 66 Tremley Terminal


RACE prepared Contract Documents and performed Construction Administration Services for the $3 million restoration project in Linden, NJ. The facility includes 500 feet of bulkhead, two loading platforms and ten breasting cells along the Arthur Kill Waterway. Services also included above and underwater investigations. Repair designs included a replacement bulkhead along a tidal wetland and oversheeting of an existing bulkhead. Most notably, RACE developed a design that allowed the existing steel sheet pile to be cut and replaced with a new concrete extension. This repair allowed the bulkhead to be repaired in place and saved the owner from an expensive pipeline replacement project or the need to demolish a portion of the loading platform to gain access. This repair allowed the terminal to remain operational during construction.

As part of Construction Administration, RACE provided resident engineering services to meet the owner’s quality control and schedule requirements.


Linden, NJ


Phillips 66

tanker tug in deep water port facility
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