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Zach Visser, E.I.T., Completes
Coastal Engineering Graduate Certificate Program


Zach Visser, Engineer, E.I.T., recently completed Old Dominion University’s Coastal Engineering Graduate Certificate Program. The Program studies graduate level coastal sciences and influences affecting waterfront engineering design.


“I appreciate having taken this Certificate Program as the course work and research certainly improves my ability to analyze the multiple factors impacting coastal structures,” commented Zach.


Upon earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Zach joined RACE and has worked on numerous field investigation teams, including shoreline stabilization, beach nourishment, hydrographic survey, dredging, bulkhead, seawall and pier projects. Zach has followed through the permitting and design phases of these projects, including ultimately documenting site design compliance.


RACE is proud of Zach’s continued professional development. Congratulations Zach!

Posted March 20, 2024

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