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Hailey Simpson, WEDG Achieves Climate Resiliency Credential


RACE Coastal Engineering (RACE) is proud to announce that Hailey Simpson attained WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) credentials, a Program of the Waterfront Alliance.


Hailey joins a national network of leaders in the fields of waterfront planning, design, architecture, engineering, maritime, environmental and community development devoted to increasing waterfront accessibility, protecting the working waterfront and educating about creating resilient and ecologically sound shorelines.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Ocean Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Oceanography, advanced saltwater scientific research experience, coastal modeling proficiency and now accreditation in sustainable waterfront development practices, Hailey is RACE’s Coastal Resiliency Specialist and the Company’s leading expert in designing nature-based solutions to counter flood and erosion from storms and rising sea levels. With Hailey’s understanding of the global and local effects of extreme weather events and climate change, we can holistically identify risks, priorities and mitigation options.


RACE works with municipalities, commercial facilities and private residents to mitigate flood and erosion hazards. Our experience includes long term planning studies and the design and permitting of hybrid and nature-based infrastructure such as beach enhancement, dune creation, living shorelines and marsh creation and restoration. Our professional staff maintain engineering licenses and certifications in coastal, structural and geotechnical disciplines.

Posted January 22, 2023

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