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Commercial Services

Harbor Plaza

Public Access Boardwalk Replacement, Stamford, CT

Professional Services Provided:

  • Inspection of existing boardwalk structural components

  • Preparation of required State and Federal permit applications for the proposed boardwalk replacement

  • Design of public access boardwalk for compliance with local Building Codes, FEMA requirements, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines

  • Solicitation of competitive bids for Boardwalk Replacement Project and preparation of draft construction contract for review by the Owner’s counsel

  • Engineering Services During Construction including; site inspections, shop drawing review, change order request processing, and design modifications due to field conditions

Harbor Plaza Public Access Pier

Commercial Properties


RACE was contracted by HPHV Direct, LLC to provide professional engineering services related to the rehabilitation of a significantly deteriorated timber public access boardwalk at an office complex in Stamford, CT. The boardwalk is a 1,260 foot long structure supported by approximately 446 concrete foundation elements. RACE performed a detailed structural inspection of the existing foundation system, timber framing, handrail, and ancillary components to determine the viability of potential repair and reuse of these elements. Due to the advanced deterioration and unsuitability of the structural elements for the desired live load condition, it was determined that RACE would design a new structure to accommodate Client specifications and appropriate load combinations required by Building Code.


Stamford, CT


HPHV Direct, LLC

Harbor Plaza Public Boardwalk
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