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Our mission is to enhance quality of life, experience, property and infrastructure by providing responsive solutions where water meets land.


Residential Civil Engineering
Port Facilities

Providing Coastal Resiliency, Design and Engineering Since 1999

With a deep understanding of the waterfront environment, RACE Coastal Engineering partners with stakeholders across a wide variety of scale, location, and facility type, to plan, design, and execute sustainable shoreline infrastructure. Within this wide variety of project and client types is a singular common denominator...the coastline. RACE’s focused expertise in this unique and complex environment allows us to best serve our client’s needs. Our highly experienced coastal engineers and project managers provide the necessary insight, integrity, and expertise to make your project a success.

Few ecosystems are as complex and vulnerable as the Long Island Sound coastline. For the past 23 years, RACE has applied proven engineering processes that significantly improve waterfront access and usability – all while minimizing the risk of storm damage, flooding and erosion. Our capabilities include:

• Geotechnical and structural engineering

• Shoreline restoration and protection

• Existing structure inspection and rehabilitation

• Marine structure design and planning

• Environmental permitting and hydrographic surveys

• Dredge planning, design and execution

• Marine construction administration and management

We’ve been busy working along many New England and Mid-Atlantic coastlines. Here are some works of resiliency that our team of engineers and project managers have successfully brought to clients.


Hear the latest insights, POVs, opinions from our highly skilled team of engineers. When you’re making an investment like this, you want to know that your team has the knowledge and experience to bring the best solutions.

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