Private Yacht Club


Greenwich, CT


Yacht Club Rehabilitation

Services Provided:

  • Site investigations

  • Hydrographic survey

  • Development of wave forces on structures

  • Federal and state permitting

  • Contract documents for bid and construction

  • Construction administration services

Yacht Club Photo 2
Yacht Club Photo 2

RACE planned, designed, permitted and monitored all construction activities for waterfront improvements at the historic club including the installation of over 8,000 sf of new floating docks, reconstruction of 2,355 sf of timber piers which include 2 jib cranes and the placement of two additional 100 sf timber piers. RACE performed a bathymetric survey and prepared a wave analysis to optimize the quantity of anchor piles.  RACE prepared Contract Documents and solicited competitive bids from various contractors. RACE performed Construction Admin. Services during the construction phase of the project.

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Our mission is to enhance quality of life, experience, property & infrastructure by providing responsive solutions where water meets land.


RACE expertise embraces modern coastal engineering practices that are supported by a broad range of engineering disciplines including geotechnical and structural engineering as well as regulatory expertise.  Our full-range of professional services include:  coastal engineering, shoreline restoration and protection, inspections and rehabilitation of existing structures, design and planning of new marine structures, environmental permitting, hydrographic surveys, dredging planning and design, and marine construction administration.


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