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Private Yacht Club


Bridgeport, CT


Yacht Club Pier Rehabilitation

Services Provided:

  • Development of wave force impacts on pier structure for 100-yr recurrence interval event

  • Hydrographic survey

  • Federal, state and local permitting

  • Engineered design of pier replacement structure; including access gangway, floating dock layout, and jib cranes for vessel launching

  • Shop drawing submittal, change order, and invoice review

  • Engineering services during construction including special inspections

12 Black Rock Yacht Club 2
12 Black Rock Yacht Club

RACE was contracted to design, solicit bids and perform construction inspections for the rehabilitation of the pier damaged in Hurricane Irene. Due to the rapid project timeline, RACE coordinated several pre-application meetings with regulatory agencies to reduce permit review periods.  In addition, RACE developed design drawings and bid documents during the permit review time.  During construction RACE performed detailed construction inspections required by the City of Bridgeport Building Department.  RACE filed a Statement of Special Inspections detailing compliance of the constructed pier to the construction documents.

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