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Town of Madison


Madison, CT


Wharf Rehabilitation

Services Provided:

  • Post-storm inspection and assessment

  • Opinion of Probable Costs

  • Preparation of engineered drawings and specifications

  • State and Federal permitting

2 Madison West Wharf
2 Madison West Wharf - After
2 Madison West Wharf - Before

The Town of Madison is flanked by two historic stone wharf structures located at scenic East and West Wharf Beaches.  In 2011, the structures were severely damaged by the effects of Storm Irene. RACE was retained by the Town to inspect, assess, and create an opinion of probable costs for repair to the Town landmarks.  Following a review of the findings, RACE completed State & Federal permit applications, and engineered drawings & specifications to repair the structures in-kind while making structural improvements to the seaward revetment faces. The wharves were built back to the original footprint with stone and mortar where townspeople could safely access a popular spot for strolling and fishing. 

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