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Small Town Grant Program to Support Connecticut Infrastructure

Small Town Grant Program to Support Connecticut Capital Improvement Projects

Applications Open July 13  to August 14, 2020


The State of Connecticut is offering $15 million in Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grants. The program funds economic development, community conservation and quality of life projects for localities that are ineligible to receive Urban Action bonds. This program is coordinated by the Office of Policy and Management and grants are administered by appropriate state agencies.


Per Governor Lamont, “Simply put, some of our small towns need to modernize their infrastructure so that we can support efforts to grow the economy but lack the property tax base they need to fully fund these projects on their own. The state can and should do what we can to help with these costs, as these small towns drive tourism, honor our deep and celebrated history, and provide us with family-friendly getaways that are part of the New England experience.”


A few key STEAP guidelines:

  • STEAP grants can only be used for capital projects.

  • What projects CAN be funded with STEAP funds?

    • Economic development projects such as (a) constructing or rehabilitating commercial, industrial, or mixed-use structures and (b) constructing, reconstructing, or repairing roads, access ways, and other site improvements;

    • Recreation and solid waste disposal projects;

    • Social service-related projects, including day care centers, elderly centers, domestic violence and emergency homeless shelters, multi-purpose human resource centers, and food distribution facilities;

    • Housing projects

    • Pilot historic preservation and redevelopment programs that leverage private funds; and

    • Other kinds of development projects involving economic and community development, transportation, environmental protection, public safety, children and families and social service programs.

  • Grants will have a two (2) year term and may be considered for a one (1) year extension

  • Municipalities which are eligible to opt into the STEAP program, but are not currently opted in, must submit their opt-in request prior to submitting their STEAP application

  • Eligible municipalities are listed in the Guidelines


More information about the STEAP Program and 2020 STEAP Program Guidelines are posted at

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