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Southhampton, NY


Shoreline Protection Assessment

Services Provided:

  • Assessed coastal flood hazard risks

  • Calculation of wave run-up and overtopping

  • Developed conceptual alternative repair plans

  • Opinion of Probable Costs (OPCs)

  • Preparation of detailed Report of Findings

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RACE performed an analysis of the failure of a 1,500 foot long steel sheet pile bulkhead on the south shore of Long Island that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The bulkhead structure is located on a beach and has historically been used to prevent erosion of the dune system that protects ten residential structures.  RACE prepared conceptual alternatives for shoreline protection schemes and opinions of probable costs (OPCs).  RACE performed coastal engineering calculations to determine the impact on the FEMA Base Flood Elevation (BFE) caused by modifying the top elevation of the bulkhead.

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