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Town of Fairfield


Fairfield, CT


Shoaling Study and Dredging

Services Provided:

  • Topographic and hydrographic surveys

  • State and Federal permitting

  • Analysis of alternative dredging methodologies for sediment relocation

  • Preparation of dredging contract documents, drawings and specifications

  • Bid assistance

5 Southport Shoal Dredging
5 Southport Shoal Dredging 2

RACE worked with the Town of Fairfield for over 5 years to study local shoaling patterns and to develop means and methods for maintenance dredging of the channel shoal at the entrance to Southport Harbor. The condition survey completed in 2010 by RACE served as a benchmark to track on-going shoaling in the channel. Dredging limits and traditional methods were severely curtailed by the presence of nesting pairs of Piping Plovers (Charadarius melodus) on the adjacent sparsely vegetated sand flats. RACE prepared the required regulatory permit applications for the CT DEEP and USACE as well as the construction documents. The dredging operation was temporally restricted to protect the endangered plovers. Dredging was accomplished using a single, land-based long reach hydraulic excavator. The dredged sand was loaded onto low ground pressure haul trucks which relocated the dredged sand to nourish the Town Beach at Sasco Hill.

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