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Town of Greenwich


Greenwich, CT


Public Access Pier Rehabilitation

Services Provided:

  • Post-Storm assessment and prioritization of repair activities

  • Development of wave force impacts on pier structure

  • Engineered design of public access ferry landing structure and ancillary components

  • Federal and state permits

  • Preparation of detailed engineering specifications

  • Shop drawing submittal, change order, and invoice review

  • Engineering services during construction

6 Island Beach Pier - After Construction 1
6 Island Beach Pier - After Storm
6 Island Beach Pier - After Construction 2

Immediately following Super Storm Sandy in October 2012, RACE provided critical coastal engineering services related to the timely restoration of all public beach and marina facilities in the Town of Greenwich.  Within this scope of services, RACE provided the engineering support for the repair of the Island Beach ferry landing pier facilities. RACE designed a replacement pier to withstand the hydrodynamic forces associated with a 1% annual (100-yr recurrence) storm event.  The rapid response by RACE was critical in allowing the Island Beach facility to be reopened in time for the 2013 season. RACE was honored to receive the 2014 CT Society of Civil Engineers Achievement in Engineering (ACE) Award for Sustainability, as well as, the Award of Merit for Construction of the Island Beach project.

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