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Private Association


Norwalk, CT


Jetty Rehabilitation

Services Provided:

  • Investigation and review of existing jetty performance

  • Federal and state permitting

  • Preparation of detailed engineering drawings and specifications

  • Engineering oversight of construction

  • Shop drawing submittal, change order, and invoice review

Photo 1
Photo 2 - After
Photo 3 - Before

RACE provided professional engineering services related to the repair of the approximately 350’ long jetty damaged by Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy.  RACE provided an assessment of the original structure and recommendations for repair options, permitting, and final design for the repair. The repaired jetty was designed to withstand the hydrodynamic forces associated with a 1% annual (100-yr recurrence) storm event.  This required particular attention to be paid to the size and gradation of the stone armor units. The repair required the addition of larger stone.  A walkway and concrete deck were included on the top of the jetty for recreational use and water access to an adjoining pier and docks for the club members.

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