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Bass Pro Shops


Bridgeport, CT


FEMA Letter of Map Revision

Services Provided:

  • Performed wave transformation and flood modeling based on upon the 100-year storm

  • WHAFIS and RUNUP modeling applications

  • Provided zone boundary location plots, computation enclosures and drawings

  • Final preparation of flood zone
    mapping for LOMR application

Steel Pointe-010716-14 copy
10 Bass Pro Shop LOMR

RACE acquired a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) from FEMA based on our determination that the base flood elevation (BFE) was actually below what FEMA had remapped in 2013 at Steel Pointe between Ann Street and Stratford Avenue. RACE took a site specific transect to determine the wave height, set-up and runup of waves using FEMA models CHAMP, WHAFIS & RUNUP. Our coastal engineers determined that that specific location should be documented as AE (11/12) rather than AE (14). The flood design computations and LOMR enabled the developer to proceed with an optimized design and significantly reduced the cost of design of the facility.

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