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Integrating Drone Technology Into Coastal Projects


When coastal terrain can be difficult, terrestrial access limited, or quite frankly, a birds-eye-view can just tell a better story, RACE has capabilities to deploy a proverbial eye-in-the-sky with use of our in-house drone technology.  Investment in both an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or more commonly known as a drone, and pilot licensing has enabled RACE to improve our ability to review and document the coastal projects which we undertake.

Data obtained from drone flyovers can improve an engineer’s overall understanding of the site conditions, limitations, and ailments which may require resolution.  Drone inspections conducted during construction can additionally provide for improved documentation of the build progress.  Requests for drone photographs by State and Federal agencies has further increased and enables regulators to better understand the specific site's environmental conditions which may require further attention.

“The use of drones will significantly add to our field investigation capabilities and be a benefit for our Clients,” says Devin Santa, President of RACE.  “We can now prepare high resolution photographic site plans and obtain imagery from locations unsafe to access with personnel.  We are excited to incorporate this technology for our Client’s projects.”


Fitted with a 12 megapixel camera, and the ability to shoot 4K Ultra HD video, RACE’s drone flyovers have the ability to create both high resolution aerial imagery and crystal clear video.  An onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) further allows for georeferenced tagging.

Contact RACE to see how our in-house drone capabilities may be able to serve your next coastal project.

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