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Devin Santa, PE, SECB, President

Devin Santa

PE, SECB, President


M. Eng. Old Dominion University

Norfolk, VA

Civil (Coastal) Engineering

B.S. Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Civil (Structural) Engineering

Professional Registration
Professional Engineer



U.S.C.G. Licensed Captain,100-ton


Certified Hydrographer

Board Certified Structural Engineer – Structural Engineering Certification Board

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

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Devin Santa joined John Roberge in 2001 as a Project Manager and soon after became a Principal in the

firm. Since 2013, Devin has been President of RACE utilizing his extensive experience in waterfront

projects and coastal engineering to assist in the overall management of the firm.  His professional career has included the management and design of waterfront structures, beach nourishment, coastal flood hazard assessments, dredging projects, and hydrographic surveying. Devin is well versed with coastal

regulatory requirements and has successfully obtained permits for his clients throughout the northeast.

Devin's academic background includes training in both structural and coastal engineering.

Devin has always been interested in being on and around the water. This could be related to the fact

that some of his earliest memories were of the construction of stone jetties in front of his parent’s

beach house in Stratford, CT when he was 4 years old and of cruising the coast of New England with his

family at a young age. In any case, this call of the sea

has driven him both personally and professionally. When not on the water professionally, Devin enjoys spending time on the water recreationally with his wife Beth and their daughters. Devin is an avid offshore sailor and navigator having logged over 30,000 miles in the North Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. This has included numerous

ocean races including ten Newport to Bermuda Races, a Trans-Atlantic passage and four Marblehead to Halifax Races, most of these in the role of navigator. Additionally, Devin and Beth spent a year of operating a charter boat in waters of New England and the Caribbean. Devin enjoys being able to employ his extensive on-the-water experience to assist clients in the design and optimization of their marine facilities.

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