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RACE Coastal Engineer Spotlight

Jill Pietropaolo, PE

Jill is a Senior Coastal Engineer at RACE who specializes in numerical wave and current modeling, wave transformation and coastal processes analysis, and FEMA flood zone mapping and compliance. Her vast resume of project work includes 2-D modeling utilizing CMS-Wave, CMS-Flow, ADCIRC and other models to determine wave heights and design conditions for waterfront structures including piers, docks, marina facilities, seawalls and revetments.

Some of Jill’s most recent projects include analysis and design of several beach and dune nourishment and living shoreline projects. Jill is the office guru when it comes to FEMA mapping, having successfully prepared dozens of Letter of Map Revisions, and providing our clients with guidance in order to have their projects be compliant with the National Flood Insurance Program and state building codes for structures in the flood zone.

Jill has always had a natural affinity for the water, having spent her summers as a lifeguard at the NJ shore. Jill was on the rowing team while an undergraduate at Villanova. She furthered her passion for the water while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Coastal

Engineering at the University of Delaware before joining RACE in 2012.

Jill spends a lot of her free time in the great outdoors, hiking and rock climbing. Always wanting to challenge herself, Jill spent last summer learning to white water kayak while also training for the NYC marathon. Jill successfully completed the marathon this past November; her third marathon to date. RACE is extremely fortunate to have Jill as part of our Team and we are proud to acknowledge her professional and extra-curricular accomplishments.


Jill running the 2018 New York Marathon

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