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2021 Coastal Property Owner's Guide Published by the State of Connecticut

Issued by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (DEEP) Land & Water Resources Division, the goal of the Coastal Property Owner’s Guide is to help familiarize current and potential property owners, real estate agents, attorneys, builders, architects, and anyone involved in selling or buying coastal properties, with coastal structures and regulations.


According to DEEP, many of the division’s complaints and enforcement actions stem from unpermitted shoreline structures. If a property with coastal violations is sold without disclosure of the enforcement item, the new property owner unknowingly inherits the violation.


RACE Coastal Engineering’s sole focus is on waterfront projects. Integrating coastal, structural, and geotechnical expertise, RACE’s Professional Engineers can help you navigate through coastal property compliance, access and protection.


While this guidance was created by the State of Connecticut, coastal property owners in New York also face issues related to compliance of structures with the Department of Environmental Conservation and FEMA requirements. RACE has been serving the Westchester County residential market for years and is poised to address similar concerns.

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