Client Focus

Through our singular focus on waterfront projects, RACE is committed to deliver successful, innovative and resilient engineering solutions with our full-range of professional services to a wide client base that includes:

  • Yacht Clubs and Marinas

  • Municipalities/Government Agencies

  • Residential Property Owners

  • Architects, Engineers and Developers

  • Contractors

  • Commercial/Industrial/Utilities

  • Oil Companies/Marine Terminals

  • Insurance Companies

Our Services

RACE specializes in Coastal Engineering services with a broad range of related experience on projects within the marine environment. Our waterfront projects include: shoreline stabilization and protection, beach restoration and nourishment, dredging design, design of bulkheads, seawalls, breakwaters, piers, floating docks, and the structural design of elevated dwelling foundations located in a flood zone.

RACE offers services for all phases of waterfront projects from initial planning, studies, and inspections to design development, preparation of permit applications, construction documents, opinions of probable cost (OPCs) and engineering services during construction.


RACE Coastal Engineering takes pride in its work and is committed to the success of every project.  We possess a strong commitment to our clients, which include private industry, municipalities, state agencies, federal agencies, residential, and nongovernmental organizations.  For more information click on a featured project below for a detailed project brief.

Coastal Engineering Modeling
Coastal engineering Assessment
Wharf Rehabilitation
East and West Wharves Town Park Upgrade
Bulkhead Replacement Project
Bulkhead Replacement Project
Revetment with Dunes
Revetment with Dunes
Shoaling Study and Dredging
Shoaling Study and Channel Dredging
Public Access Pier Rehabilitation
Shoreline Protection Assessment
Shoreline Protection Assessment
Yacht Club Rehabilitation
Facility Wide Waterfront Improvements
Public Access Pier
Pier Replacement
FEMA Letter of Map Revision
Jetty Rehabilitation
West Jetty Rehabilitation
Yacht Club Pier Replacement
Pier Rehabilitation
Beach Sand Design
Design of Short Beach Sand Replacement
Residential Piers and Docks
Residential Shoreline Protection
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Proudly Serving Our Community for More than 21 Years.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life, experience, property & infrastructure by providing responsive solutions where water meets land.


RACE expertise embraces modern coastal engineering practices that are supported by a broad range of engineering disciplines including geotechnical and structural engineering as well as regulatory expertise.  Our full-range of professional services include:  coastal engineering, shoreline restoration and protection, inspections and rehabilitation of existing structures, design and planning of new marine structures, environmental permitting, hydrographic surveys, dredging planning and design, and marine construction administration.


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