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Client Focus

Through our singular focus on waterfront projects, RACE is committed to deliver successful, innovative and resilient engineering solutions with our full-range of professional services to a wide client base that includes:

  • Yacht Clubs and Marinas

  • Municipalities/Government Agencies

  • Residential Property Owners

  • Architects, Engineers and Developers

  • Contractors

  • Commercial/Industrial/Utilities

  • Oil Companies/Marine Terminals

  • Insurance Companies

Our Services

RACE specializes in Coastal Engineering services with a broad range of related experience on projects within the marine environment. Our waterfront projects include: shoreline stabilization and protection, beach restoration and nourishment, dredging design, design of bulkheads, seawalls, breakwaters, piers, floating docks, and the structural design of elevated dwelling foundations located in a flood zone.

RACE offers services for all phases of waterfront projects from initial planning, studies, and inspections to design development, preparation of permit applications, construction documents, opinions of probable cost (OPCs) and engineering services during construction.

Our Services
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