Chris Eggers, PE, Project Manager

Chris has experience in design of excavation support, retaining walls, foundations, earthwork, subsurface investigations, slope stability, seepage and groundwater flow, dewatering, and design of coastal structures, and permitting. His experience includes work on a variety of projects such as site development, bridges, flood control systems, and buildings. His role in such projects has included preparation of recommendations and

reports, review of site geotechnical properties and conditions, steel and concrete design, groundwater flow and analysis of subsurface hydraulics, and review of regulatory compliance. He is proficient with engineering software, including CAD, GIS, and numerical modeling. He has a wide range of field experience from site investigation through construction


Chris enjoys, hiking, nature, and travel with his 3 kids. He also enjoys cooking and baking.

Chris Eggers

PE, Project Manager


Old Dominion University

Norfolk, VA

Graduate Certificate in Coastal Engineering

M.S. University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT

Civil Engineering


B.S. University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT

Civil Engineering

Professional Registration

Professional Engineer - CT