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Private Developer


Bridgeport, CT


Bulkhead Construction

Services Provided:

  • Site investigation to review conditions and coastal resources

  • Analysis of lateral forces on the structure due to soil and hydrostatic loads

  • Design of concrete wale system accommodating the bulkheads curvature

  • Engineering Services during construction were provided to ensure adherence to the design and regulatory conditions

  • Coordination of specifications for geotechnical investigation program

  • Opinion of Probable Costs and Bid Documents

  • Resident Engineer during construction

Bulkhead Construction

RACE was retained by a private developer to restore the point. RACE provided design computations and the development of a 1,570 LF steel bulkhead system and additional fill to support a new public realm consisting of a network of shops, streets, promenades, condominiums, open spaces, and a hotel. The 2.8 million square foot mixed-use site is Bridgeport’s largest development project and  RACE provided a full complement of Professional Engineering Services through the design, permitting and construction phases. The restored area has continuity and uniformity by eliminating dilapidated sections of timber bulkhead, boat ramps and concrete block walls and created new areas for access to the waterfront. The design took into account the various dredging depths, exposed wall heights and sealing of the bulkhead to create a uniform structure in place to further facilitate the City’s economic goals and enjoyment of the waterfront resources for the City and region.

RACE was honored by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) with the National Recognition Award and the ACEC Connecticut Chapter Engineering Excellence Award for this innovative design.

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