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Town of Stratford


Stratford, CT


Beach Sand Design

Services Provided:

  • Site assessment

  • Sand grain size characterization Wave climatology study for various return period intervals

  • Hydrodynamic modeling

  • Analysis of storm induced erosion utilizing SBEACH

  • Preparation of beach maintenance plan

  • State permit for beach maintenance

  • Report of findings

13 Short Beach
13 Short Beach 2

RACE designed a sand replacement project at the popular Short Beach facility.  Short Beach was ravaged by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy necessitating that the Town expend considerable funds to restore the beach back to pre-storm conditions. Following these storm events, the Town engaged RACE to prepare a designed beach grade to be resistant to erosion in periodic storm  events. RACE performed detailed site  investigations including topographic and bathymetric measurements, as well as, an analysis of the sediment grain size to optimize beach fill placement.  RACE used the SBEACH computer model to determine erosion for various storm events.

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