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Azure Dee Sleicher, PE, Vice President, Coastal Engineering

Azure Dee Sleicher


Vice President, 

Coastal Engineering


M.S. Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, FL

Coastal Engineering

B.S. Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Environmental Engineering

Professional Registration
Professional Engineer, CT, NY, NJ


Envision™ Sustainability Professional

WEDG Associate

Waterfront Alliance

February 2022 - January 2026

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Azure Dee Sleicher is a Coastal Engineer with a

theoretical background in coastal processes coupled with practical experience in wave dynamics, sediment transport, shoreline analysis, hydraulics, and scour

assessment. Azure Dee’s experience includes numerical wave modeling using STWAVE, CGWAVE and Mike21 software. She has been responsible for the analysis and design of structures for flood and erosion control such as seawalls, bulkheads, revetments and breakwaters, and private and public waterfront recreation structures such as fishing piers, marina docking structures, and

boat launch ramps. Azure Dee also has significant experience with state, federal and local permitting and FEMA flood hazard analysis, mapping and compliance.


When not at work, Azure Dee enjoys spending time with her husband and their 10-year old twin boys doing family activities; anything from going to the beaches in

Southern New Jersey where she grew up, to hiking and fishing in the mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks

where they have a summer camp. In the rare event of

"me" time, Azure Dee enjoys running, gardening, snowboarding, mountain biking, and cooking.

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