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3D Rendering Services

RACE Adds In-house 3D Rendering Services

Having trouble trying to visualize how your new dock, bulkhead, or living shoreline project is going to look? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and RACE has expanded our services to include quality in-house renderings to help clients envision a completed project.


Renderings can help communicate the goal of a project better than traditional two-dimensional (2D) plans. Derived directly from design plans, renderings turn 2D plans presented in AutoCAD into three-dimensional (3D) models that really set the scene to bring the project to life. By assigning materials and textures to a 3D model, clients can be confident in their choices during the design phase before construction even begins.

As an example of RACE’s capabilities, below is a residential pier section in AutoCAD format. RACE was able to use the existing stone columns and design a new superstructure for a revitalized pier that enhanced the resident’s access to the water’s edge. The rendering from the design is shown below followed by a photo of the finished structure. 

Residential Pier, Floating Dock and Gangway


Another example of RACE’s rendering services can be found below. The fishing pier at Cummings Park in Stamford, CT was destroyed in 2006 by tropical storm Ernesto. In 2010 work began to rebuild the pier for the residents of Stamford to enjoy. Below is an example of 3D modelling derived from the CAD drawings with the post construction photo included for reference.

Fishing Pier at Cummings Park Beach in Stamford, CT


We are able to digitally create simple projects, such as residential floating docks, as well as more complex municipal fishing piers and other large projects. Let us help your vision come to life!

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